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Positions and Points of View

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Positions and Points of View
Posiciones y Manos
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The most natural form to make a gesture is in front of the chest. When a gesture is made in this place and its signogram is drawn frontally (we would see it as if we were in front of a mirror), the drawing does not have any special indication of its position.
Nevertheless, when the gesture is not made in that position, or when to represent and to reproduce it we must it adopt a different point of view (from the side or from above), a heavier line than the others is drawn.
This is the relation of these outlines, ordered by the point of view.
Each line appears by means of three images: The outline, the outline on a photo and the single photo.


FRONTAL POINT OF VIEW (as if you were in front of a mirror):














In order to see the same figures, but with incorporation of a hand: go to the following page (" Próximo")